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Level 2 – Existing Bike Fit – ComprehensiveLevel 2 Fit

This level of fit is also for someone with an existing bike who wants a more thorough and overall adjustment to the bike and body position.  Along with doing all the steps taken in Level 1, attention is also given to the client’s back, shoulders, arms and hands. 

A full interview is done to ensure we know what problems exist, past injuries, and also what goals the client has for future riding.  Flexibility and skeletal measurements are taken.  The next step is to go onto the multi-adjustable Size Cycle to find out what manipulations need to be made to the bike frame to get the perfect fit between rider and bicycle.  Use of the Computrainer Spin Scan technology is incorporated in this fitting, along with video analysis of your pedal stroke and position.

This process takes three hours to complete at a cost of $295 and comes with a full report on what information was determined during the fitting.  The information gathered in this session is useful months or even years after the fitting when looking for a new bike or other components that should be purchased to achieve a well fitting bicycle.

A credit of $150 can be used at any time in the future towards the purchase of any new bike from Ace Custom Cycles.

What do I need to bring for my professional fitting?
  • 2 to 3 hours of your time
  • your existing bike, with pedals
  • bike shorts
  • comfortable top
  • bike shoes

Bike upgrades available - We have many sizes of stems, handlebars, saddles, seatposts (and more!) available for purchase to upgrade your bike based on the fitting analysis.

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