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Level 1 – Existing Bike FitLeve l 1 Fit

This fit is best suited for a person with an existing bike that is looking to gain some comfort and performance from their bike. 

If clipless pedals are on the bike then cleat position is “dialed in” to maximize power and efficiency as energy is applied to the pedals.  If regular pedals are on the bike then proper foot orientation is explained to the cyclist.  Exact knee and hip positions are determined based on the rider’s level of flexibility and aggressiveness when cycling.  Seat height and saddle position are modified from the data provided during the fitting.  Recommendations are given as to any upgrades that will benefit each rider. 

This level of fitting takes one hour to complete at a cost of $125.  If in the future you choose to complete a level 2 fitting the cost of the level one fit will go towards this new session.

What do I need to bring for my level 1 professional fitting?
  • 1 hour of your time
  • your existing bike, with pedals
  • bike shorts
  • comfortable top
  • bike shoes

Bike upgrades available - We have many sizes of stems, handlebars, saddles, seatposts (and more!) available for purchase to upgrade your bike based on the fitting analysis.

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