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Get Fit!

A professional fit is completed by a person qualified in the science of fitting and using the correct tools, works with the athlete to achieve a perfect fit for the frame and components to suit the rider (not the other way around).

All of the best and most modern tools and equipment have been purchased to aid in our ability to achieve the perfect fit for all cyclists.

In our opinion, a fitting is the most important “component” of a bicycle.  If done by a professional it will give you the proper balance, comfort, efficiency and power that will make you a better and safer rider.  Being safe on your bicycle is very important - not being able to reach the brakes properly will lower your reaction time in an emergency; having a cramped up or stretched out position will cause poor steering, making it hard to avoid  potholes and other obstacles; pain or discomfort will distract you from the dangers in your vicinity.  

Level 1 Fit

Level 1 – Existing Bike Fit

This fit is best suited for a person with an existing bike that is looking to gain some comfort and performance from their bike. If in the future you choose to complete a level 2 fitting the cost of the level one fit will go towards this new session.

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Level 2 Fit

Level 2 – Comprehensive Existing Bike Fit

This level of fit is also for someone with an existing bike who wants a more thorough and overall adjustment to the bike and body position.  Along with doing all the steps taken in Level 1, attention is also given to the client’s back, shoulders, arms and hands. 

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Level 4 Fit

Level 3 – New Bike Fit

For people looking for a new bicycle – stock or custom.  The new bike fit covers all the steps taken in the Level 2 Fit, with the addition of recommendations for 3 stock bikes from any manufacturer of the client’s choice. 

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Level 3 Fit

Level 4 - Aerodynamic Fit

Our level four aerodynamic fit uses all the processes followed in a level 2 fit with the added focus of finding your ideal aerodynamic position in your time trail bars.  Spin scan technology via the Computrainer with a computer analysis as well as a video profile of your pedal stroke and aero position are fully explored. 

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What do I need to bring for my professional fitting?
  • 2 to 3 hours of your time
  • your existing bike, with pedals
  • bike shorts
  • comfortable top
  • bike shoes

Bike Fit article from PezCycling.com -  Check it out!

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